Power Circle is...

when a girl chooses people - friends, intimate partners, parents, teachers, and eventually co-workers - who elevate her game. When her expectations are greater, a girl engages in healthy conflict, is able to negotiate, shows vulnerability, and shares her passion with those around her.

We start developing this power by helping a girl replace beliefs and perceptions about why girls treat one another the way they do. By shifting the climate among girls, they stop making judgements about the girls sitting next to them or the girls walking past them in the hallways. 

Why does a girl’s rebranding of these expectations impact a girl’s circle and the quality of the rest of her relationships? By resisting culturally inscribed notions of how female competition and power works among girls and teaching them to expect more of each other, they take a new yardstick of expectations out into the world, which influences who they let into their inner circle and intimate partners they ultimately chose as they grow up.