Power Play: Movie and Book Discussions

When a girl values her leadership style and can challenge cultural norms that isolate her, she has greater potential to access opportunity. To explore this power, pick out a book or movie from the power play books. Find prompting questions below to answer after reading the book or watching the movie. 

Power Play:  When a girl understands and can decipher unwritten codes of dominant culture, she has the power to:

Define leadership for herself

- Navigate and challenge cultural norms and obstacles to access opportunity

- Speak confidently in public

- Negotiate for something she wants in the dominant culture

  1.  Reflecting on the list above, and using passages from the book, where do you see the main character using the power to navigate dominant culture?

  2.  Reflecting on the list above, and using passages in the book, where do you see the main character lacking power in the dominant culture?

  3.  During the course of the book, how does the main character grow or change as a result of decoding culture and navigating norms where she feels excluded?  Can she change these norms?

  4.  In your life, what are ways you decode dominant culture and show leadership in a way that you are comfortable with?  How do you challenge or try to change cultural norms when you feel excluded?

  5.  What is one of the skills from the list above that you want to work on with a friend or mentor?