Super Girl


One of the first activities I ever did with girls at Powerful Voices is an activity called Super Girl. In this activity, a girl creates a mythical superhero that reflects what she values and identifies what she fears. 

The point here is to be creative and imaginative in talking about power and how to combat real problems. You can also use these questions for a group conversation. 

Supplies needed: Paper, Markers

Conversation Tips:

Give examples. Draw on past conversations where she may have shared what she fears or hopes as a girl. What are topics you’ve discussed previously, or issues she is facing at school? Ask her to identify when she used her power positively or negatively in different situations. I've heard girls mention powers like "eyeglasses that allow her to see another person's perspective and help others see hers so that there will be less fighting and more understanding" or "a magic ring that freezes time so that she can think before she makes big decisions." Listen actively. Stay focused on what she is saying. Don't answer the question for her. By jumping into answering the question for her, you are taking away her power. It may even lead you to find openers for future conversations with her. Challenge her to think beyond material and physical appearances. 


1.  Ask, what is a girl super power she wishes she had? Why? It's helpful to ask open-ended questions with young people. You are aiming for deeper responses and explanations instead of yes or no answers. Use pop culture references (songs, tv shows, ads that sexualize females) to engage her in thinking about issues she'd want to fix with her superpower. 

2.  Using the piece of paper, have her draw the outline of a Super Girl to reflect her superpower. The Super Girl may look however she imagines her to look, there is no right or wrong way to draw it. 

3.  Include a written explanation as to how, when, and why her power is used. 

4.  Discuss actions she can take to channel this superpower and decide on one that she can begin to do. Create an action plan for how she can become more like her Super Girl.